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Ultra-Strong Dosing - Premium Ingredients!. 5x More Effective Blood Flow Compared to Arginine HCl for Greater Pumps!. 114% Strength Increase in the Bench Press. Accelerated Gains In Power and Speed.
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Troxyphen® Engage by truDERMA® cannot be compared to any other pre workout currently available. Engage features clinical doses of premium, proven ingredients so you can power through your plateaus and absolutely kill your next workout!

Formula Highlights:

Nitrosigine® - This exciting compound has demonstrated increased blood flow that is 5x greater than Arginine HCl. This means much greater pumps, increased nutrient delivery and improved recovery.

HydroMax® - This exclusive compound provides 12x more glycerol than standard glycerol monostearate. What does glycerol do, you may ask? It dramatically increases cell volume thereby producing extreme pumps and garden-hose vascularity!

Creatine MagnaPower® - It’s well-known that creatine is beyond any doubt the most researched and effective ingredient on the planet. This unique version provides greater absorption and utilization than regular creatine monohydrate with no gastric discomfort and no loading phase!

Advantra Z® - This well-researched compound has demonstrated dramatic increases in exercise tolerance which means you can ENGAGE harder for longer amounts of time!

AlphaSize® - This unique compound promotes increased focus and improved reaction time during workouts. Additionally, AlphaSize® supports strength, power and endurance; in fact studies have shown an increase of 114% in bench press force! As you can see, Troxyphen® Engage by truDERMA® is not just one more stimulant-loaded pre-workout but instead is a functionally designed pre-training catalyst that will promote real benefits for improved workouts and measurable results!

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